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Lions, bears, crocodiles and a HIPPO roam the streets of Tbilisi

The capital of Georgia has been placed on lockdown after heavy flooding destroyed enclosures at the city’s zoo allowing tigers, lions, jaguars, wolves, jackals and a hippo to escape and roam the streets.

Residents in Tbilisi have been warned to stay indoors after more than 30 dangerous animals became free from the zoo after heavy rain and wind.

The flash floods have already killed up to 12 people including three workers who are employed at Tbilisi Zoo.


A hippo who escaped from a zoo in the Georgian capital Tbilisi after flash flood destroyed the animal’s enclosures allowing them to roam the streets


As well as the hippo, tigers, lions, bears and wolves has escaped for their pens, forcing the city to be placed on lockdown by authorities


The escaped hippo was eventually cornered in the main square of Tbilisi and was subdued by being shot with a tranquiliser gun

The zoo said one of the dead was Guliko Chitadze, a zookeeper who lost an arm in an attack by a tiger last month. The husband of zookeeper Ms Chitadze also died in the flooding.

Some of the animals have been seized but it is unclear how many are still on the loose.

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