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42 Things You’ll Only See In China…

These are also news in China, you can find them on internet but I also feel unimaginable to some cases in this article. (There are maybe something wrong, please point them out if you find anything untrue, thank you!)

  1. A tiger on a leash taking pictures with a baby: It’s true but it was in 7 years ago, the tiger looks losing wild but it’s still dangerous.
  2. Crocodiles for sale at Walmart: I can’t believe it’s true, these are Farmed crocodiles so it’s legal, I’m thinking about taking a visit to Walmart.
  3. Sharks for sale at Walmart: It’s true… I really need to visit Walmart.
  4. Giant racks of meat for sale at Walmart: It’s common in Chinese food market, don’t you guys eat racks?
  5. And whatever this is for sale at Walmart: True, this is Chinese sausage.
  6. Headphones like this: True, I have to say he is creative, the radio is still popular among the aged in China but he’s only one who refits it into such a headphone.
  7. A hotel shaped like a ping pong paddle: True, it’s still under planning.
  8. A water park this crowded: That’s why birth control is implemented in China.
  9. A pool this crowded: Ditto( is this the correct usage of this word?)
  10. A beach this crowded: Ditto, it is on weekend, I’d rather ask for leave on week days.
  11. This meal(God with Vanilla): True, actually it’s codfish.
  12. This meal(Husband and wife lung slice): True, in fact, it’s beef…
  13. This meal(Fried special Wikipedia): True, Chinese are really talented in naming the cuisine, it’s Collybia albuminosa Petch, WTF is it?!!!
  14. Old/new world bathroom options: True. Don’t you  think it’s thoughtful? Some of Chinese are used to use the left one.
  15. A sign warning you not to light off explosives at a gas station: True. It’s firecracker in fact, just for some naughty kids maybe.
  16. A jacket with a fake scarf: True. There are even T-shits with a fake bra on, these are design!!! BTW, I work with silk scarves, please contact me if…this is not an advertisement~~~
  17. Photocopies of originals for sale: True. [The “Photocopies of originals for sale” have obtained copyright. Reediting may lead to more spelling mistakes and colored textbooks are usually too expensive, so the publishers just get the rights and print the photocopies.] Big thanks toLejing Hu, I used to regard it as piracy.
  18. Batman toys like this: True. Can you imagine what kind of childhood I had?
  19. Whatever this thing is: True. This is the most famous cartoon character in China named Xiyangyang (pleasant goat), and this is a electric rocking chair for kids, which you can see in every supermarket’s entrance in China, one coin for one minute.
  20. Award winning chicken: True. Just stunt to sale chicken.
  21. Starbucks… but for tea: True. It’s much cheaper, I’ll choose Teabucks lol.
  22. A duck on a leash: True, I heard that you can see a bear on leash in Russia.
  23. Monkeys with human heads: True. You can see many similar posters in countryside.
  24. Pandas doing manual labor: True. They are national treasure for us who build us this beautiful country.
  25. Trucks upon trucks upon trucks upon trucks: True. I may call the police, are you sure the rope is tight enough?
  26. KFG: True. There are also KEC, KLC in China.
  27. OFC: True.
  28. A scooter with this much sass: True. I think it’s cool.
  29. People this passionate about chocolate peanut butter: True. A great number of clothing manufacturers like to print English on garments, no matter what it means.
  30. Multiple TVs on the back of a scooter: True. I think he is a scrap collector.
  31. Magical drug stores: True. The Chinese meaning is healthy for a centenary and nobody will notice the English name.
  32. This: True. It must be done by some teenagers.
  33. Cheese babies: True. It’s milk slice.
  34. Banana babies: True. This is just a brand name, is it weird to you?
  35. Donald Duck selling duck heads: True. Seriously, this is not Donald Duck, they just looks similar.There are also many similar cartoon characters in China, we call it “Shan zhai”(copycat).
  36. Some dude taking a nap on a chain: True. Chinese Kungfu!
  37. Statues of people in the ’80s: True. [“Statues of people in the ’80s” is  a statue in front of The Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall] Big thanks toLejing Hu.
  38. This animal: True. I thought it’s common in Western America.
  39. Awesome signs made by the government like this: True. Fortunately it’s not”停车做爱枫林晚”, please ask your native Chinese friend for the meaning of this sentence.
  40. Grain condoms: True. Durex also have this type.
  41. A cat with wings: True. Metamorphosis of animal, it’s a pity that he can’t fly.
  42. And a pig that can walk on two legs: True. Do you notice that he has only two legs? It’s a strong and clever pig.

Finally I finished it, hope it’s helpful for you. And just please be aware of the truth that the odds are existed in all of the world, these are just what you see in China.


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